Year 10 Christian Studies


In Year 10 students continue to consider their worldview in light of a Christian worldview. Christianity is not a sub section of a person’s life but it is an overarching way of thinking and believing that covers every area of life.

Students will examine the intersection between the Christian faith and many thinking realms such as philosophy, ethics, wellbeing, psycholoogy, social justice and history. In doing this students will be asked to consider a range of views and ideas to encourage them to deliberately think through and reflect on life’s big questions.

Course Objectives

  • Develop skills in reading and understanding the Bible
  • Demonstrate a personal belief system
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a Christian worldview
  • Articulate ideas through research and reflection writing
  • Develop empathy for different members of our community


  • Unit 1 – Christianity and Worldviews
  • Unit 2 – Ethics and the Christian Faith
  • Unit 3 – Social Justice and the Christian Faith
  • Unit 4 – Wellbeing and the Christian Faith
  • Unit 5 – Psychology and the Christian Faith
  • Unit 6 – Social Justice and the Christian Faith
  • Unit 7 – History and the Christian Faith


  • Completion of workbook activities in a thorough manner
  • Creative presentations
  • Reflective Writing
  • Research writing and presentations
  • Unit tests