Year 10 Careers


Each student is an individual with God given gifts and personality which equips them for life, including work. The overall purpose of this course includes assisting students with self-development, career exploration and career management.

Course Objectives


  • Where students will think about their abilities, interests, values and personality and how they will affect their future goals and opportunities in further education, training and employment.
  • Through understanding their strengths and identifying areas for improvement they can build skills to achieve the goals they set for themselves.

Career Exploration:

  • Where students will explore and consider how their academic performance and subject selection plays a big part in their future career options.
  • Where students will think about their learning and experiences in and out of school and how they can impact on your future choices.  This will include a week of Work Experience and Job Search Day.

Career Management:

  • Students will learn where to find career information resources to explore to make good choices.
  • Students will further develop their education and personal goals, think about their next steps and begin to develop networks and strategies to assist them in their career development.


Students will:

  • Complete activities to explore their abilities, interests, values and personality as related to future goals.
  • Research a career including tasks involved , work conditions, personal attributes, educational requirements, employment prospects.
  • Participate in a Work Experience including arranging the work placement and completing safe@work activities.
  • Explore different career pathways and make VCE subject choices or consider other educational options.
  • Prepare a Job Search Portfolio including an application letter, resume and supporting documents.
  • Train to answer interview questions and then participate in a mock individual and group interview.


Semester 1:

  • Career Work Book including self-development activities
  • Career Research Project
  • Work Experience preparation

Semester 2:

  • Work Experience book and employer’s report
  • Job Search Day Portfolio and interview report