Year 10 Art


This course is designed to give excellent preparation for VCE Art.  Therefore, students considering VCE Art would be strongly advised to take this subject.  The course will enable students to gain skills and practical experience in both two and three dimensional representations.  The course enables students to be informed in their selection of media for self expression and to gain educated opinions about visual arts.

Course Objectives

  • Create art works which explore themes, issues and ideas
  • Develop and extend skills in observational drawing
  • Structure and present art works appropriate to chosen styles and forms
  • Analyse and interpret the content, structure and aesthetic qualities of art works
  • Analyse the characteristics and role of art in different cultural contexts


  • Folio development work.
  • Tonal pencil and charcoal drawing
  • Acrylic Portrait Painting
  • Written analyses of artworks identifying the use of art elements and principles in defining its meaning and messages
  • Written comparison and contrasting of artists and artworks
  • Essay structure and writing


Assessment tasks include production of artworks, written analyses and essays and end of semester examination.