VET Courses

VET in Schools enables Senior Years students to complete a nationally recognised vocational qualification (a VET Certification II or III). Certificate III courses may count as one subject within the VCE, and some subjects even result in an ATAR score which can be counted in the primary four scores.

On completion of a two year VET in Schools Program, students will have:

  • a VET in Schools Certificate (as a specified Australian Qualifications (AQF) level)
  • a Statement of Results showing all units and modules completed
  • Credit for the completed VET program in any further vocational courses in which students enrol.

VET In Schools Programs Currently Available Outside of Oxley

A number of VET programs are available at other schools or at nearby TAFEs. Some of these programs run on a Wednesday afternoon. Enquiries about the availability of these programs can be made through the Career Advisor.