Expectations of Students

Students are expected to:

  • uphold and support the Christian ethos of the College
  • relate to each other in a courteous, friendly and cooperative manner
  • dress in clean and tidy school uniform for all lessons throughout the day, with special attention to regulations governing the uniform, jewellery, hairstyles and footwear (as stated in the School Diary)
  • observe and obey the school rules, as documented in the School Diary
  • meet requirements for attendance
  • punctually attend  each lesson and relevant activity throughout the day, including Home Group
  • come fully equipped to each lesson
  • approach lessons with a positive attitude
  • behave in a polite, respectful and cooperative manner both during lessons and in the school yard
  • develop and manage a homework and study program, including meeting all extra class commitments
  • use their School Diary as a formal ‘work’ diary, which may be monitored by the teaching staff (it should be free of graffiti and stickers, and record homework and other communication clearly)
  • assist in maintaining the cleanliness of the school environment
  • participate in and support all school activities, including assemblies, Chapels, social service, excursions, inter-house and inter-school sporting activities, Open Day and Presentation Evening
  • sign in at the main office before attending class if they are late, and have the late pass signed by their Year Level Coordinator