Attendance is essential to academic success.

At Oxley, our day begins at 8.40am with Home Group and ends at 3.30pm. If a student arrives after 8.55am they are expected to obtain a Late Pass from the office prior to going to class. If a student cannot attend school, parents are asked to leave a message on the Absence Line – 9727 9992 – before 9 am, on the day of any absence. (All types of absences may be registered using this system, including late arrivals, early departures, illnesses, and other extended absences). Messages can be left in days or weeks ahead of a known absence.

We do ask all of our families to avoid making holiday plans during school terms.

Attendance in VCE

Attendance in VCE subjects is important not only to support the academic progress of students (including demonstrating that they meet all of the Learning Outcomes), but “Satisfactory Attendance” is also required by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA) in order for students to satisfactorily complete (gain an ‘S’) in any VCE subject.

Students must attend regularly and complete work in class time to allow teachers to make accurate judgments on authentication. It is expected that all students attend more than 90% of class time.

Medical Certificates are required on every occasion if (a) a student has missed more than a total of three days of school in a term, or if (b) a student misses any part of an assessment task (“SAC”) in Year 11 or Year 12.  (It is the student’s responsibility to present the required Medical Certificates to the Year Level Coordinator.) Where attendance is of significant concern, situations will be managed by the Year Level Coordinator, the VCE Coordinator and Head of Students. The VCAA has stated that those students with a high percentage of absenteeism without valid excuse will not qualify for a result at the end of the VCE unit.