Junior School


The Junior School offers a strong sequential program of English, Mathematics and other core subjects, including Science, Social and Environmental Education, Health, and Biblical Studies. Students supplement their core subjects with classes in Computer Studies, Music, Art, Drama, Physical Education, Library, and Mandarin, all of which are taught by specialist teachers. In preparation for the Senior School, students also acquire skills in research, critical thinking, problem solving, report writing and oral presentation.

The love of reading is actively nurtured at all Junior School levels, beginning with a unique reading program in the Preparatory Year. Mathematical thinking is also introduced in Prep Level, through a program of engaging and stimulating number-based activities.

Each Junior School student receives a comprehensive twice-yearly report, which includes assessment grades and written comments for all subject areas. Students demonstrating particular needs are offered special, focused assistance, or additional academic challenges. The Junior School has extensive, well-supervised play areas fitted with the latest equipment.