College Overview

Vision Statement

As a co-educational, multi-denominational Christian school, Oxley will provide Christ-centred education that has its foundations in Biblical truth. It will offer excellent educational opportunities from Early Learning to Year 12 through an academically sound, balanced and stimulating curriculum. The spiritual life of the College will nurture students towards maturity in Christ.


Mission Statement

Oxley Christian College is a Christian school committed to excellence of teaching and learning through which students develop their unique abilities in a secure yet stimulating environment. Each student is nurtured towards a personal faith in Christ, an understanding of Christian values and a commitment to serve God and His world.


College Structure

Oxley Christian College is a coeducational Christian day school with a total enrolment of around 1,000 students. The Early Learning Centre, known as Oxley Kids, encompasses pre-school / kindergarten for children aged 3-4 years old. The Junior School covers Prep to Year 6; while the Senior School encompasses Years 7 through 12.  Students in Years 7-9 are part of the ‘Middle Years’, while students in Years 10-12 are part of the ‘Senior Years’.

In offering a complete educational experience – from Early Learning to Year 12 –  the College fosters a sense of community, security and belonging, where interaction between all year levels is encouraged as an important aspect of social development.

Each student is assigned to one of three competition groups called Houses. Friendly Inter-House competition in various sports fosters the qualities of co-operation and team loyalty, while roles of responsibility at all Year levels – Home Group Captains, Junior and Senior School House Captains, and College Captains and Vice-Captains – nurture the development of leadership skills.

In 2008, Oxley became a member of the Eastern Independent Schools Melbourne (EISM) sporting competition.

College History

Oxley Christian College was founded in 1979 with two key objectives: to achieve the highest academic standards; and to do so within a non-denominational, distinctively Christian environment. Still deeply committed to its founding principles, Oxley is widely recognised both for the excellence of its teaching and for the outstanding academic performance of its Year 12 students, of whom the majority gain entry each year into the university programs of their choice.

At the heart of the Oxley experience are Christian perspectives and values, which underpin all aspects of the College program. Every member of the highly qualified teaching staff is committed to the Christian ethos. Each student is encouraged in the development of a deep and enduring personal faith, accompanied by respect for oneself as a unique creation of God, and by respect and compassion for others.

The College seeks also to identify and nurture the individual student’s talents, which are valued, cherished and encouraged as special, God-given gifts.

Oxley attracts students from diverse cultures and backgrounds – including a number of students from overseas. The College community welcomes all students and families who embrace the College ethos and objectives.